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    *Acne-Fighting Product Guide*
    Learn what's out there and how we evaluated some of the top products on the market today. If you are looking for a good solution to your or someone you love's acne problem, this is an excellent place to start! Take a look at our scientific reviews of many of the popular brands for factors such as ingredients, areas of improvement, quality level, and overall value.

    Understanding Acne
    If you are suffering from acne there is good news for you. Your skin will still be wrinkle-free in your later years while your friends who had clear skin will be getting worry lines around their eyes.


    This is the best product for treating acne from the inside out


    Types of Acne
    From a small red dot to large, pus-filled cysts...acne has many forms. These may be interrelated, meaning developing from one form to another, or may be completely independent in origin.

    Acne develops when the hair follicle of skin gets plugged by overproduction of sebum, dead cells and become infected by bacteria. Read More>>


    We recommend Acnezine--an entire skin care management system that finds the source of your acne, heals the blemishes you have, and treats future outbreaks!! View product website.
    How Does Acne Develop?
    Being the outermost layer of our body, skin faces all types of pollutant attacks...
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    The Potential Dangers
    Accutane Treatment
    Acne Cleansers
    Do People Get Body Acne?
    What Are Pustules?
    Compare Acne Products
    Featured Articles
    Coping with Acne
    Some dermatologists have gone on record to say that most acne-infected teenagers want creams that will mask the pimples. In effect, it shows that our teenagers are enamored with their looks ...
    What medication is best?
    The bad news for people with acne is that no medication has been found that can prevent acne. Three out of four teenagers have acne, so you are not alone...

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